April 3.2018

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — (RST CANADA) – Rapid Self Test, manufacturers on-the-spot drug test kits. It is the same principle as a home pregnancy test, except it tests for drugs. “We believe that with the epidemic outbreak of drug abuse in Canada, at home drug testing will become an essential commodity to the Canadian population” – Shawn Walia, President RST Canada.

Providing legal, affordable and Health Canada Licensed drug testing kits available at the retail level, allows any person whom is worried about a child, family member, friend, employee or wants to test themselves, the ability to buy a RST Home Drug Test Kit at any major pharmacy in Canada, and administer the test privately.

When does Drug Abuse become a problem?
“Some Canadian’s use drugs because they have become physically or psychologically dependent on them. It does not matter whether the drug is mild or strong, whether it was first used for medical or non-medical purposes, or whether it is used legally or illegally. What defines a drug addicted person, is when that person is using a particular drug and experiences discomfort or withdrawals after they stopped using that drug”
– Shawn Walia, President RST Canada.

What is happening within Canada?
The Public Health Agency of Canada reports that at least 2,458 Canadians died from apparent opioid-related overdoes in 2016. That amounts to seven people a day dying from opioid use.

“Since our successful launch in March 2018 with Walmart, we received so many calls from Canadians that wanted to test for just marijuana or fentanyl. Partnering with Dollar Tree Canada is a perfect relationship to make our over-the-counter drug tests available for Canadians to purchase easily, conveniently and most importantly privately a single drug test for marijuana and fentanyl”.  – Shawn Walia, President RST Canada

Press Release – November 30.2017 – Download PDF