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Rapid Self Test drug test are highly sensitive

and accurate to aid in their detections of drugs


in urine samples.


Rapid Self Test has developed a wide range of products to aid

Physicians', Clinics, Laboratories, Hospitals

with the diagnostics of infectious diseases.



Quality Products

Rapid Self Test products are licensed by Health Canada, FDA, CE and ISO 13485. We guarantee our product quality by adopting advanced technology support, import high-quality raw materials with enchanced scientific management for producing and quality control.

Customer Service

Our mission is to make your business easier and more convenient by providing;

Honest pricing and shipping.
Considerate services and professional advice.
Timely responses.

We offer unbeatable price with our day-to-day commitment to cost effective pricing and quality control system.

Certification, Licensing and Importing

We at Rapid Self Test understand the complications and effort it takes to work with International Government Agencies and Regulatory bodies around the world.

Utilizing knowledge combined with our customer service skills, we will provide you with the guidance to establish your business importing IVD point-of-care products to your country.

Our ISO and Device Licenses are internationally recognized and accepted globally.

Ordering, Tracking and Importing is always easier with Rapid Self Test.

One Step IVD Solutions World Wide


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Address Alert!!!– As of April 1st, 2019 our new address will be 7205 GOREWAY DRIVE, UNIT B23 MISSISSAUGA, ON L4T 2T9